Tell Your Story

Open-Call Auditions will be held on July 12th & 22nd at Helium Comedy Club

Verbal storytelling is an incredible medium, nearly forgotten in the sea of new media. We’ve lost the art of the soliloquy to the silver and touch screens. SE Uplift feels that it is time to spice up civic engagement by going back to our roots: charismatic storytellers delivering compelling stories to a crowd.

Storytelling allows us to make everyday connections to the people around us. With your story-savvy expertise, SE Uplift will host an inspirational night at Helium Comedy Club on September 24, 2014, where ‘so-and-so’ (we mean you!) shares their mistakes of neighborly proportions. The audience shows up ready to be entertained: they laugh, they cry, maybe they start thinking about their own communities. By the time they walk out of the club it hits them, “Hmmm, maybe I should get to know my neighbors?”

But wait, there’s more! After each storyteller, uproarious local improv troupes will riff on these tales with their own comedic styling. Stay tuned at to learn more about these mystery guests.

You can help us by telling YOUR ten-minute story!

The theme for this year’s storytelling extravaganza is “Mistakes of Neighborly Proportions” We want to hear your true tales of misadventure, mishap and misconception!

Prepare a story (no more than ten minutes) and then join us for open-call auditions at Helium on July 12th from 10-2 or July 22th from 2-6. Contact us at with a requested audition time*. We’re sure all of your stories will be wonderful, but we’ll have to narrow it down to approximately five tellers for the event. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the folks next door!

*We will do our best to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee time slots.


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  1. […] Read more about the project at or submit your story here. […]

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